About Warren


Warren Honeycutt is an expert in Weight Loss, Fitness and Nutrition who loves helping both men and women reach their fitness goals by teaching them to achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time. His greatest joy comes from helping people, young and old, change their bodies, minds, spirits and lives into what THEY want them to be!


Warren believes that almost every situation in our lives is created by our own choices and that if we desire something different in our lives, we can have it by simply exercising our right to choose.


At 62 years young, Warren enjoys perfect health without any prescription medications and a physique that is the envy of most 25 year olds. As a teenager Warren committed to a lifestyle of optimum nutrition and fitness and spreads his message with zeal at every opportunity.

Personal Achievements

  • Author “Get Lean for Life’
  • Founder and CEO ‘Get Lean for Life’
  • Member of Nutrihand, Inc. Advisory Board, wellness provider for multiple Fortune 500 companies
  • 6 Time ‘Mr. America’ Finalist
  • 2 Time ‘Mr. Tennessee’

  • Southern Classic Physique Champion
  • Founder and CEO, Honeycutt, Inc. with annual sales of over $100 million.
  • World’s Record Holder with Willie Gayle, past Worldwide Director of Dale Carnegie Sales Training Division.
  • Black Belt from Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Undefeated PKA World’s Champion