Why Honeycutt?

The Get Lean Program

With the Get Lean for Life program you have access to 7 online videos, filmed in front of a live audience, where I will walk you through a series of 7 Steps or Keys. Think of this as exercise, but exercise for the most powerful force you have, YOUR MIND.


You will engage with me and the audience (utilizing a downloadable Guidebook, as I carry everyone through this process. At the end of each step (or key) you will participate with the audience in a challenge. This challenge will determine if you are ready to move to the next key… and what to do if you are not. Once you complete the course of 7 Keys, you will transition from your present struggle with weight loss and fitness, to having planted in your subconscious mind the body of your dreams without conscious effort or will power! Getting to your target weight becomes as easy as any subconscious habit!

Your Get Lean For Life Coaching sessions include:

Introduction to the 7 Secret Keys

Releasing The Miracle Within Your Undiscovered Potential

Dream - The Amazing Power of Imagination

Desire - Your Driving Force.

Decide - Unlocking the Power of Choice

Design - Your Blueprint to a New You

Audience Q/A

Faith - Your Cornerstone for Lasting Success

Fortitude - Winning Against all Odds

Friends - Drawing Inspiration from friends & others

Personalized Menus

The Get Lean For Life program includes personalized menus from registered Dietitians. These dietary professionals will design custom menus, which include:

Your Food preferences; American, Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Low Carb, Vegan, and Gluten Free.

Your lifestyle, your activity level, your BMI, your goals!

A Database of over 250,000 foods!

An Auto-Tracker!

Live Chat for all your questions!

One on One Coaching via phone or Skype

The absolutely best way to keep on track is to have a fitness pro as your Coach! Get Lean addresses this with weekly coaching sessions. The benefit to you is having someone with your goals in mind answering your questions and giving direction. And the real benefit is you achieving maximum results in minimum time! You are never alone with Get Lean for Life!


I want to get lean now!

Personalized Fitness Routines/Videos

Get personalized fitness routines and access to the Trimnastics Video Library, with 1000s of programs including:

Target any body part: Bust, Tummy, Glutes anything from head to toe!

Trimnastics for home, gym, work, and even while traveling!

Personalized Program from Warren with just a few clicks!

Get Lean For Life – The Book

Get Lean for Life – 7 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss addresses the underlying causes of weight problems with dynamic insights for real and lasting change for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off for life, without willpower, stress or going on a ‘diet’!


It takes you on a journey unlike any other. A journey that will literally put your weight management and fitness on auto-pilot. Giving you the tools to make a lifestyle change for life! The 7 Keys unlock doors to give you the body of your dreams to look better, feel better and live life with abundance, enthusiasm, energy and passion!

Warren summarizes in his book how to lose weight for life. It's inspirational to learn from others who used the 7 keys, and to learn to do it for you. Read it! I am sure you will like it and use the principles to achieve your goals.

- Soraya B.