Get Lean Success Stories

Amanda After

“I love the ‘Get Honeycutt’ program, every tool you will ever need to lose weight and get toned is right at your fingertips. I lost 42 pounds in just 2 months. From 162 to 120! I love Warren’s program and his Personalized Meal Plan worked wonders for me. He is an inspiration; to me he is this generation’s Jack Lalanne!”


– Amanda

“I had no idea I could make such amazing changes to my body in just 60 days, I went from 162 pounds to 120 pounds. ‘Get Honeycutt’ program is incredible! Warren makes losing weight, getting toned and trim simple and easy to understand.”


– Angela

“In the first few days on the ‘Get Honeycutt’ program I dropped 10 pounds! I feel better! I have more energy and really feel 10 years younger. Warren promised “Maximum Results in Minimum time” and that is exactly what I got. I recommend the ‘Get Honeycutt’ program to anyone who wants to lose weight and feel better!”


– Joey

The Results are real!