Sugar Busters

The Sugar Busters Challenge

Warren Honeycutt is teaming up with personality Stevie Jay (ESPN affiliate WSJK in Champaign, Illinois) to fight the war on sugar with the Sugar Busters Club! To break free from sugar addiction the sugar buster pledge asks you to cut your processed sugar intake to less than 30 grams per day. Are you you up for the challenge!

Stevie Jay, 93.5 WSJK

The Sugar Buster Pledge

As a member of Sugar Busters I pledge to do everything in my power to cut my processed sugar intake to less than 30 grams per day. I pledge to measure my waist and weigh myself so that I might be able to track my progress. I understand it will be my responsibility to understand how much a gram of sugar is and I won’t blame anyone or anything on my sugarholicness. I also pledge that when I see a brownie, cookie, any kind of pie or cake or sweet, I WILL NOT stare at it for fear I would start shoving said sweets with both hands rapidly into my mouth. As a member of sugar busters, not only will I quite possible enjoy the pleasures of better health and perhaps a better life, I will be granted all kinds of perks and privileges depending on how many things Stevie Jay can make up as he goes along.

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I wasn't a big believer in diets and can't stand when people preach about what ``trendy diet`` they're on, but I have to admit sugar busters is for real! I have personally lost 6 pounds in two weeks and feel great and more alert and I don't crave sugar anymore!
Disclaimer: In no way will Stevie Jay buy any new clothes for you because of your thinning body or buy you expensive sugarless chocolate to satisfy your cravings. You should consult your physician so he or she can reconfirm that there is absolutely no benefits in consuming processed sugar. This certificate can be used as a resume enhancer. Please keep this certificate in a safe and secure place as this could possibly be worth big dollars someday. Then again, maybe not.