Sugar Busters Testimonial

18 Jan Sugar Busters Testimonial

Sugar Busters

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I thought I would hare a fun story about my family and the Sugar Busters theme. We are not official members but we started the program two weeks ago and am having great success with it. We made it an interactive event for me, my wife, and two kids (ages 10 and 7). We sat down as a family and made a list of all of our favorite meals (cereal for breakfast, spaghetti night, taco night, Chinese food, pork chops with brown sugar squash, etc.) We looked into what was actually in those meals and discovered we were eating a lot of processed sugar and white flour based products and didn’t even realist it. We decided to make a list of all of our favorite meats, vegetables, fruits and so on. From that list we tweaked our eating habits to eliminate any processed sugar and switched to whole grain products. The kids love it. The meals are still delicious and nobody misses any of the bad stuff. We have also eliminated all sugar sodas and juices and fake sugars. We are basically just drinking water and organic milk with some unsweet tea. This sugar busters routine has made us better parents. We now get up a little earlier and make a healthy breakfast for the kids before school and work. We used to just give them breakfast bars in the car. No more. We have also portioned our healthy snacks for the kids for after school so they stay energized and not starving for dinner.

I wasn’t a big believer in diets and can’t stand when people preach about what “trendy diet” they’re on, but I have to admit this sugar busters is for real. WE have actually renamed it in our house to the “no name” diet, because it should just be a normal and reasonable way of eating. Since we didn’t name it, it doesn’t become a “thing” that ultimately fails.

I have personally lost 6 pounds in two weeks and feel great and more alert and don’t crave sugar anymore. By making this a family event it has, and will, work. My wife just bought some dvd’s about the food industry and the sugar epidemic around the world. We sat and watched them with the kids and they were blown away as to how much sugar was in everything, even the so-called “healthy” foods that big manufacturers make.

Thank you for giving us the kick in the butt that we needed to become healthy again and better parents. I wish we could change the food we serve in our schools and our daycare providers too. It’s scary to think what they are eating while we’re not there.

Go ahead and sign us up for Sugar Busters. We’d love to be part of the inaugural class.

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