Get Lean Program & Tools

Get Lean for Life provides you with Personalized Menus created by Registered Dietitians, ‘Trimnastics’ video routines and the missing piece of how to get lean and stay lean. This unique approach is the real secret to weight control and how you feel about yourself. Get Lean program teaches you “7 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss” to change your daily habits and achieve your weight goal. You will pinpoint your specific challenges and address them one by one. I look forward to being your personal fitness and motivational coach!


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Get Lean For Life – The Book

Get Lean for Life – 7 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss addresses the underlying causes of weight problems with dynamic insights for real and lasting change for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off for life, without willpower, stress or going on a ‘diet’!


It takes you on a journey unlike any other. A journey that will literally put your weight management and fitness on auto-pilot. Giving you the tools to make a lifestyle change for life! The 7 Keys unlock doors to give you the body of your dreams to look better, feel better and live life with abundance, enthusiasm, energy and passion!

Warren summarizes in his book how to lose weight for life. It's inspirational to learn from others who used the 7 keys, and to learn to do it for you. Read it! I am sure you will like it and use the principles to achieve your goals.

- Soraya B.