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Motivational Fitness and Speaking Coach

Warren Honeycutt is a passionate evangelist for optimum health through fitness and nutrition. He has been featured nationally by Fox News, Daybreak USA and Stay Young, as well as national publications such as Life Extension, Investor Business Daily and National Examiner among many others. At 63 years young Warren enjoys perfect health without any prescription medications. A disciple of the late great Jack Lalanne, his motto is, “Nutrition is king, fitness is queen, when you bring them together you have a great kingdom called life!” Warren’s greatest joy comes from helping people young and old. Warren has engaged in motivation, health and wellness with companies such as AutoZone, Affinia Inc., Massachusetts Mutual, Century 21, Liberty National, Scott-Fetzer and Encyclopedia Britannia.


Warren is the author of, “Get Lean for Life’ and sits on the board of Nutrihand, Inc. a wellness provider for many Fortune 500 corporations such as John & Johnson, Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s and Splenda. Warren holds a world’s record with Mr. Willie Gayle co-author of the famed ‘Dale Carnegie Sales Training Course.’ Warren is a national recognized bodybuilder having won Mr. Tennessee twice and 6 Time Mr. America Finalist.

Speaking Topics

Fitness…It’s a Family Thing

Most of us know that being fit and healthy is the foundation to fulfillment in life. But even a casual look at our culture screams that we are losing the battle of the bulge. And sadly not only we adults suffer but this dilemma is being transferred to our children. Warren Honeycutt is a lifelong evangelist for health and fitness and has a unique, effective approach to motivating and inspiring Moms, Dads and Kids to modify habits to not only look better, but Feel Better and LIVE Better!


Takeaways include

  • Learn how to crown Fitness King, Nutrition Queen for a great Kingdom called Life!
  • Why ‘diet’ is a four letter word and how to avoid it!
  • Three easy ways to turn temptation into triumph!
  • The one key for lasting weight control and vibrant health!
  • How to satisfy their ‘sweet tooth’ without sacrificing the family waistline!
  • Why eating right is NEVER wrong!

Think Yourself Thin

Everyone knows that feeling good about ourselves is the first step to achieving our goals for career, family and life. Most everyone also knows it is impossible to have this healthy self-image if we don’t feel good about our appearance. And that it is impossible to be at our best when we feel tired, lethargic and un motivated. Warren has a unique approach to propelling people to this higher level of life!


Takeaways include

  • How to easily use our mind to change our body
  • Why going on a ‘diet’ is NEVER a good idea
  • 5 ways to increase metabolism without exercise
  • How our moods effect our body
  • The 7 ‘Secrets’ to make lasting lifestyle changes

Health is the Foundation of Wealth

When we have Health we have Hope and when we have Hope we have everything!

All of us long for lives filled with abundance, passion and fulfillment. What so often we overlook is the fact this is impossible when our bodies don’t cooperate with our desire to be energetic, vibrant and enthusiastic. So if you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, nationally featured fitness expert Warren Honeycutt has a message that will transform you to a life of abundance!


Takeaways include

  • Why ‘diet’ is a four letter word
  • How our nutrition affects our mind, job performance and life
  • Why food is the most overused ‘anxiety’ drug and exercise is the most underused ‘anti-depressant.’
  • Easy adjustments that improve weight control, attitude, mood and ultimately your life
  • The 7 ‘Secrets’ to making a lasting lifestyle change

Warren in the Media

Personal Acheivements

  • Author of Get Lean for Life
  • Founder and CEO ‘Get Lean for Life’
  • Board member of Nutrihand, Inc., wellness provider for multiple Fortune 500 companies including, but not limited to: Johnson and Johnson, Lean Cuisine, Rite Aid, Splenda and Stouffers
  • Founder and CEO, Honeycutt, Inc. with annual sales of over $100 million
  • World’s record holder with Willie Gayle, past worldwide director of Dale Carnegie Sales Training Division
  • Six-time ‘Mr. America’ Finalist
  • Two-time ‘Mr. Tennessee’
  • Southern Classic Physique Champion
  • Black belt from Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Undefeated PKA World’s Champion