How to Eat Healthy On A Budget

17 Feb How to Eat Healthy On A Budget

How to Eat Healthy On A BudgetHow to Eat Healthy on a Budget.


For some people, eating healthy means shopping at high end markets and purchasing only organic foods.  While I feel going the organic route is probably the healthiest, we all have to shop in the world we live in and organic is sometimes not ideal.  I would like to offer a few suggestions to help you in your decision making process so as not to feel so over whelmed and to help you learn to how to eat healthy on a budget.

Plan ahead! Impulse shopping almost always gets in trouble. If you shop at a particular grocery store, look for their specials and incorporate their sale items into your weekly or monthly menu when possible.  I like to stock up on sour cream and cottage cheese when the local store has a 10 for 10.  Sometimes it is the chicken or beef on sale.  Buy a few extra packages and divide and freeze as soon as you get home.

For example, a pound of extra lean ground beef (93% or 96% lean ground beef or ground turkey breast) can be divided into 3 ounce or 4 ounce portions.  Just use an inexpensive food scale (or good judgement) and freeze in individual bags.  If you go ahead and pat into patties, you always have a hamburger or turkey burger ready to cook if time is short.

You can also defrost and crumble and brown with chopped onion and peppers add the meat mixture to your favorite picante sauce.  Top with reduced or fat free cheese, fat free sour cream and have it as your main entrée served along with slaw or steamed vegetables.  It can also make a quick spaghetti sauce with low carb pasta sauce.  Use multi-grain noodles or spaghetti squash noodles for a quick inexpensive meal.

If you want to stay on budget and eat clean; you may want to consider preparing your food on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  We know several men and women that do this.  They invest in 5 or 6 containers and line them up on the counter and prepare their meals (especially for work) and take them in a small cooler to heat when ready.

At the big box store a bag of Swai fish is $10 and will have enough fillets to last a while.  These can be oven baked, of course, or pan fried with cooking spray.  Use any type of spice that you like.  (My wife just used low sugar ketchup.)

You can always keep staples such as Ever Fresh canned chicken breast or tuna packed in water on hand.  These can be mixed quickly with light mayo, pickles, apples, grapes, etc., and put in your cooler to make pita pockets or sandwiches.  If you live close to a bread outlet, pick up a few loaves of whole wheat bread for 99 cents, then freeze the extra loaves until needed.

Of course, breakfast can simply be oatmeal, preferably old fashioned rolled oats or steel cut.  These do not spike insulin like the instant does.  Make more filling by adding a teaspoon of peanut butter while hot.  Actually, pretty much anything can be added to oatmeal.  Even peaches, blueberries, or apples added before cooking will change it up a lot.  Also, you can purchase turkey sausage or turkey bacon for an economical egg and toast breakfast.

You can do a lot with plain yogurt and plain cottage cheese.  These make excellent protein replacements.

Toasted bread with peanut butter and all fruit spread makes a warm and filling breakfast for on the go!

Subway has coupons quite often for buy one, get one free.  Even if they don’t, you can go ahead and get a larger one and put the extra one and put the extra back for the next day. (you may want to ask them to leave off anything that will make it soggy.

Now you get the picture.  Stay tuned for more health tips!

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