Get Lean Workshop

About The Workshop

In the ‘Get Lean for Life’ Workshop Warren becomes your personal and motivational coach. Warren designed the workshop in such a way that each student leaves the workshop with their own personal Motivation, Nutrition and Fitness Program. You will learn:


  • Why going on a ‘diet’ does NOT work!
  • The real reason you find losing weight difficult and how to resolve it!
  • Which two foods are making and keeping you overweight!
  • How to eliminate food cravings!
  • How to Get Lean…but just as important Stay Lean for Life!!

The Get Lean Workshop is a unique program designed to help you reach your fitness and weight-loss goals by addressing the real issues that cause unhealthy lifestyles, which resides in our minds. Once we address these unwanted patterns of thought, weight-loss happens automatically. The Get Lean Workshop comes with 7 inspirational DVDs (available streaming), the Workshop GuideBook, and one FREE Fitness Course DVD of your choice (pick one of four, available streaming).

Workshop DVDs

Introduction to the 7 secret keys with Warren Honeycutt.

Releasing the Miracle within your undiscovered potential.

The amazing power of imagination.

Your Driving Force

Your Blueprint to a new you.

Questions from the Audience

Your cornerstone for lasting success.

The Get Lean Guidebook

The Get Lean Guidebook will accompany you on your journey of personal transformation. The guidebook accompanies the seven inspirational DVDs and comes with workout/food charts to track your exercise and diet.  (available for download)

Binder & DVDs


Ladies – In The Gym

Let Warren guide you through this 6 week program where you’ll tone, trim, and shape your figure in the gym! You will be amazed how much you can change in just 6 weeks!!!

Ladies – At Home, The Office, and On The Road

In this series Warren gives you detailed direction on how to improve, shape, and tone your entire body at home, the office, and on the road! This course will give you incredible results in just 3, thirty-minute sessions per week!

Men – In The Gym

This course is a 6-week program to tighten, trim, and improve your physique. Warren personally shows you precisely what to do and how, detailing sets, reps, and cadence to give you Maximum Results in just 30 minutes 3 times/week!

Men – At Home, The Office, And On The Road

In this series Warren shows you how to put together a routine at home, your office, or even while traveling! Warren details exactly how to tone, tighten, and shape your abs, chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and glutes.