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About Warren Honeycutt

Warren Honeycutt is an expert in Weight Loss, Fitness, and Nutrition, who loves helping both men and women reach their fitness goals by teaching them to achieve Maximum Results in Minimum Time. His greatest joy comes from helping people, young and old, change their bodies, minds, spirits, and lives into what THEY want them to be! Warren believes that almost every situation in our lives is created by our own choices and that if we desire something different in our lives, we can have it by simply exercising our right to choose.

The Get Lean For Life Workshop

Now you can take your seat in the renowned Get Lean Workshop! Filmed in front of a live audience, this 7 DVD series is a hands on experience where Warren becomes your personal fitness and motivational coach.

Money Back Guarantee

Warren’s approach to weight loss is fascinating, unique, entertaining, and most of all…EFFECTIVE! When you choose to participate in the Get Lean Workshop you have a choice of any of the following Get Lean courses Free!

Get Lean will help you:

  •  Lose weight and NEVER ‘Diet’ again, without ever being hungry with the ‘Get Lean for Life Workshop.’
  • Get motivated and stay motivated with weekly One on One Coaching Sessions.
  • Achieve your target weight with Personalized Menus from Registered Dietitians.
  • Tone, shape and trim your body with Personalized ‘Trimnastics’ Videos

Yes! I want to get lean!

Yes! I want to get lean!

Yes! I want lasting weight loss!

Yes! I want lasting weight loss!


“I am well on my way to my goal weight of 140 from pounds! I love the ‘Get Honeycutt’ program.”

-Alma, lost 160 lbs

“I had no idea I could make such amazing changes to my body in just 60 days, I went from 162 pounds to 120 pounds.”

-Angela G.

“I love the ‘Get Honeycutt’ program, every tool you will ever need to lose weight and get toned is right at your fingertips. I lost 42 pounds in just 2 months.”

-Amanda I.

Get Lean For Life – The Book

Get Lean program teaches you “7 Keys to Lasting Weight Loss” to change your daily habits and achieve your weight goal. You will pinpoint your specific challenges and address them one by one. Each step is explained in easy to understand language and, after each step is covered using your ‘Guidebook’ you participate with the audience in an exercise that locks each principle within your mind, making you unconsciously change your life style choices.

Yes! I Want Lasting Weight Loss!

Yes! I Want Lasting Weight Loss!